2021-2022 policies

what you can expect from me

As a piano teacher my number one priority is to help my students enjoy music through playing the piano.  My goal is to equip them with enough skills and knowledge to become independent musicians.  I will work to motivate my students to reach their personal goals, changing my approach to suit each student’s learning style along the way.  I will not only be prepared specifically for each of my student’s lessons, I will also work to create new activities and performance opportunities for my students.  I will continue to develop myself as a musician and teacher independently, as well as through my membership with Denver Area Music Teachers Association (DAMTA).  I will always listen and be open-minded if the student or parent wants to discuss any ideas or concerns

what I will expect from you

  • Commitment to Practicing  A regular routine is essential to get the most out of your piano lessons.  The recommended amount of practice time depends on the students’ level and goals; but whoever the student, consistency is key!  Spending the duration of our lesson time each week with me is not enough to progress and stay motivated.

  • Distraction-free Atmosphere  Whether I am at your home or we are online for lessons,  I ask that background noise (this is even more important online) be kept to a minimum and the lessons are not interrupted.  To ensure the best communication for an online lesson, set up your camera to the side for a profile view of your piano so I can see the students hands on the keys as well as their face.

  • Supplies  Each student should be prepared with an assignment notebook, the books I recommend for piano study and a pencil for writing in their books (no pens please!).  I may recommend additional supplies as time goes on.    

  • Punctuality  The student is expected to be home and ready with their supplies to begin the lesson at the scheduled time.  For online lessons, it is easiest if you call me at your designated lesson time since my students may not be using the same device each week but I can always be called at the same place.  If you prefer a different protocol we can discuss that.  During this period of online lessons I try to allow a few minutes between lessons to compensate for any technological issues that may arise, but this is not a guarantee.       

performance opportunities

November 14, 2021 at 2:00 - Miss Megan Piano Recital at 6th Avenue United Church  Assuming we are getting back to large group gatherings by this time, this will be our fall studio recital complete with a raffle and reception with snacks, I hope all of you can perform on this day!  If we are not back to large group gatherings at this point, we will have a zoom recital at the same date and time.  

May 1, 2022 at 2:00 - Miss Megan Piano Recital at 6th Avenue United Church  This will be our spring studio recital complete with a raffle and reception with snacks, I hope all of you can perform on this day!  

DAMTA Monthly Musicales  Students of DAMTA members have the opportunity to perform here every month.  This is a great chance to perform and hear students from other teachers.  I will encourage you to sign up for these throughout the year but feel free to ask if you are eager to get signed up for a performance.  These events will take place on Zoom for the remainder of 2021, and hopefully will return to in-person at Classic Pianos in 2022.  All musicales take place at 2:00, the dates for this year's musicales are as follows: Sept. 19, Oct. 24, Nov. 14, Dec. 12, Feb. 13, March 13, April 10 and May 15.  More information on these musicales can be found at denvermusicteacher.com/students 

rates & calendar 

From September through May, I will charge a flat rate per month for lessons.  The payment will be based on a four lesson per month rate, but will remain the same no matter how many lessons fall in the month (see lesson schedule below).  This fee includes books, organizational supplies & all recital fees.

 30-Min. Lessons = $150        45-Min. Lessons = $200        60-Min. Lessons = $240.       15-Min. Lesson Add-On = $80 (For children                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ages 6 & under, can only be added on to another                                                                                                                                                                                                                    household taking lessons 30 minutes or longer)


 A 30-day notice is required to change your time slot or stop taking lessons.


I will plan on you during your usual time slot every week September through May with the following exceptions:

       November 24-26: ------------------ No Lessons (Thanksgiving) 

       December 20-22 -----------------   Optional Lessons

       December 23-31: ------------------ No Lessons (Winter Break)

       March 28 - April 1 ----------------- No Lessons (MTNA National Conference)



make-up lessons / snow days

If you give me a 24-hour notice, lessons can be made-up as our schedules allow.  If you can not use your regular time slot for some reason, a make-up lesson is not guaranteed even with a 24-hour notice. The more foresight you can have about rescheduling the easier it will be to make-up the lesson.  Lessons that fall in a ‘No Lessons’ period of time on the above calendar will not be made-up.  In the event of a snow day according to Denver Public Schools, lessons will take place online rather than in person.  

summer lessons

To guarantee a time slot with me in the fall, you must purchase a summer lesson 8-pack.  You may sign-up for more/less lessons over the summer on a cost per lesson basis, but purchasing less than 8 lessons in the summer means you will not be guaranteed a time slot in the fall. 

* There will be no lessons July 1-15, 2022

payment information

  • Payments are due in advance by the 1st of each month.  Failure to make payment by the 1st will result in a $20 late fee.

  • Payments can be made using Venmo @Megan-Koegel, a personal payment via PayPal, a check payable to ‘Miss Megan Piano’ or cash.      

  • Invoices will be sent via email. Please inform me if you require printed invoices or receipts.

  • All payments are final, there are no refunds or rollovers.