2020-2021 policies

what you can expect from me

As a piano teacher my number one priority is to help my students enjoy music through playing the piano.  My goal is to equip them with enough skills and knowledge to become independent musicians.  I will work to motivate my students to reach their personal goals, changing my approach to suit each student’s learning style along the way.  I will not only be prepared specifically for each of my student’s lessons, I will also work to create new activities and performance opportunities for my students.  I will continue to develop myself as a musician and teacher independently, as well as through my membership with Denver Area Music Teachers Association (DAMTA).  I will always listen and be open-minded if the student or parent wants to discuss any ideas or concerns

what I will expect from you

  • Commitment to Practicing  A regular routine is essential to get the most out of your piano lessons.  The recommended amount of practice time depends on the students’ level and goals; but whoever the student, consistency is key!  Spending the duration of our lesson time each week with me is not enough to progress and stay motivated.

  • Distraction-free Atmosphere  Whether I am at your home or we are online for lessons,  I ask that background noise (this is even more important online) be kept to a minimum and the lessons are not interrupted.  To ensure the best communication for an online lesson, set up your camera to the side for a profile view of your piano so I can see the students hands on the keys as well as their face.

  • Supplies  Each student should be prepared with an assignment notebook, the books I recommend for piano study and a pencil for writing in their books (no pens please!).  I may recommend additional supplies as time goes on.    

  • Punctuality  The student is expected to be home and ready with their supplies to begin the lesson at the scheduled time.  For online lessons, it is easiest if you call me at your designated lesson time since my students may not be using the same device each week but I can always be called at the same place.  If you prefer a different protocol we can discuss that.  During this period of online lessons I try to allow a few minutes between lessons to compensate for any technological issues that may arise, but this is not a guarantee.       

events & activities

Themes  I’ve always wanted to explore the idea of a theme for each month of lessons and I think that this is the perfect year for it!  The monthly theme will give us a topic to explore each month; topics can include anything from exploring a specific composer, musical production or band, to focusing on a certain aspect of piano lessons like improvising or technique.  These themes will allow the student and I to explore different styles of music, learn a little history and give us some fresh short-term goals to focus on.  I intend to use the theme to relate specific concepts each student is learning about, and it only has to affect lesson time as much as the student is interested.  Here is what I have outlined for themes for this school year:

                September    Old Favorites & Goal-Setting

                      October   Exploring the Sound of Music

                  November   Celebrating 80 years of Disney’s Fantasia

                  December   Happy 250th birthday Beethoven!

                     January    Elvis’s Birthday Month

                   February    Celebrating Black History Month: Music of African-Americans 

                        March    Ensemble Playing: Explore making music with others

                           April    Student nominated theme - please send your ideas!

                            May    Summer Songs


Monthly Zoom Meet-Ups  This year I have designated one Sunday per month to host a zoom meet-up for any student who would like to participate.  This will be a chance to play for one another in a casual setting, and just connect with each other while we can’t get together and play!  The meet-ups will take place at 11:00 (unless there is a lot of interest and we break up into smaller groups) on the following Sundays: September 13, October 4, November 8, December 6, January 10, February 7, March 7 and April 11.

May 2, 2020 at 2:00 - Miss Megan Piano Recital at 6th Avenue United Church  Assuming we are getting back to large group gatherings by the end of next spring, this will be our studio recital complete with a raffle and reception with snacks, I hope all of you can perform on this day!  If we are not back to large group gatherings at this point, we will have a recital online at the same date and time.  

DAMTA Monthly Musicales  Students of DAMTA members have the opportunity to perform here every month.  This is a great chance to perform and hear students from other teachers.  I will encourage you to sign up for these throughout the year but feel free to ask if you are eager to get signed up for a performance.  Until things with Covid improve, these events will take place on Zoom.  The dates for the musicales this year will be: Sept. 20, Oct. 11, Nov. 15, Dec. 13, Feb. 21, March 21, April 18 and May 16.  More information on these musicales can be found at denvermusicteacher.com/students 

rates & calendar 

From September through May, I will charge a flat rate per month for lessons.  The payment will be based on a four lesson per month rate, but will remain the same no matter how many lessons fall in the month (see lesson schedule below).  Fees for supplies and performances are not included.  The flat monthly rates for weekly lessons per student will be as follows:

 30-Min. Lessons = $120        45-Min. Lessons = $180        60-Min. Lessons = $240


 A 30-day notice is required to change your time slot or stop taking lessons.


I will plan on you during your usual time slot every week September through May with the following exceptions:

       November 23-25: ------------------ Optional Lessons  

       November 26-27 -----------------   No Lessons

       December 21-January 1: ----- No Lessons 

       March 29-31 -------------------------- Optional Lessons

       April 1-2----------------------------------- No Lessons


make-up lessons

With the appropriate 24-hour notice, lessons can be rescheduled any time possible from September through May.  My schedule is usually full, so the more foresight you can have about rescheduling the easier it will be to make-up that lesson.  Lessons that fall in a ‘No Lessons’ period of time will not be made-up, but please utilize the optional lesson dates whether you are owed a make-up lesson or not.  

summer lessons

Summer lessons (June through August) will not operate under the flat-rate system.  I highly encourage scheduling lessons as much as possible in the summer so the student doesn’t lose all the hard work they put in all school year.  Students who take consistent summer lessons will be given priority in the school-year schedule starting the following fall. The school year and the summer time will be treated as separate sessions, make-up lessons and payments are not transferable between sessions. 

student goals & progress reports 

At the beginning of each school year, or when you start piano lessons the student [along with me and parent(s)] will discuss goals and interests for the year.  This process is meant to generate discussion on how the piano lessons have been going, and what the student would like to focus on going forward; this way the student, parent and myself have a clear plan of action for the coming school year.  I will send out formal progress reports at the end of December and May, but will be in touch in the meantime if there is anything more pressing to report.

payment information

  • Payments are due in advance by the 1st of each month.  Failure to make payment by the 1st will result in a $20 late fee.

  • Payments can be made using Venmo @Megan-Koegel, a personal payment via PayPal, a check payable to ‘Miss Megan Piano’ or cash.      

  • Invoices will be sent via email. Please inform me if you require printed invoices or receipts.

  • All payments are final, there are no refunds or rollovers.


If you refer me to another household who signs up for at least one full month of lessons, you will receive a gift of piano books or other learning materials worth up to $20.  Thank you for your referrals!