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about me

For as long as I can remember I've loved music, and I began exploring this love through piano lessons as a young child.  After beginning my teaching career in 2005, I earned a Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance and Pedagogy from the University of Minnesota Duluth, and have since continued my teaching career and education around the world. I went on to earn a Master of Music in Piano Performance & Pedagogy from the University of Colorado Boulder, as well as a Master of Arts in the study of the Beatles, Popular Music and Society from Liverpool Hope University.  To continue my professional development, I am an active member of Music Teachers National Association and its local chapters, which offers support and enrichment for me as a teacher, as well as exciting performance opportunities for my students.  In addition to teaching piano lessons I enjoy performing in various settings including assisted living facilities and musical theatre productions, as well as working in schools as an accompanist and musical director.


In my teaching, my top priority is for my students to enjoy their piano lessons. I guide each student to achieve their individual goals, adjusting my approach along the way to suit each student’s learning needs.  There are so many benefits to be gained from studying piano, including but not limited to developing more confidence, self discipline and an outlet for emotional expression.  I love seeing my students reap these benefits that are so important in many other areas of life. Building these skills is not easy, but with open communication between my students and me, we can experience the satisfaction of overcoming such challenges, all while exploring a passion for music!




from students:

“Ms. Megan is the best piano teacher ever! She is so patient and encouraging and has helped me grow so much as a piano player.”

- Staia, Age 15



“Miss Megan makes sure I am happy with my lessons by letting me take the lead on songs I would like to play and projects I would like to work on, which makes piano more fun and interesting for me. She also has so many fun project ideas like playing songs by ear and composing my own songs. Miss Megan helps me explore so many different music styles and helps me add my own expression to songs I play. She helps me learn how to work on songs and strategies to use when I am practicing so that I can advance faster and keep learning songs on my own. I'm so grateful to have Miss Megan as a piano teacher.”

- Celia, Age 12



"In all my lessons with Miss Megan, she always took the time to make the lessons fun and entertaining; I always look forward to her lessons.”

- Izzy, Age 12



“I have had three piano teachers, and Megan Koegel is by far the best. Her knowledge of music and music theory is remarkable, she is always encouraging, and her attention to detail is impressive. She seems determined to make a musician out of me, not just someone who can read music and hit the correct notes (most of the time). In short, Megan Koegel understands what it takes to develop oneself as a pianist and a musician, and she does a wonderful job of imparting that knowledge to her students (and always in a cheerful manner).”

- Pat, Adult



“I took Piano lessons from miss Megan for around two years, and I appreciated how encouraging she was, and the diversity of the material that she provided for me. She helped me develop reliable practice routines that fit my busy schedule. I'm sad that she moved away and I already miss her.”

- Lara, Age 13

from parents:

“Miss Megan has been teaching my 15 year old son and 12 year old daughter piano for many years.  She's patient, friendly and competent, but most importantly she keeps things fun so they've stayed engaged and have never talked about quitting. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a teacher.”

- Linn



“Miss Megan’s approach to teaching has helped my daughter become confident at playing the piano.  She is attentive and adjusts her approach to support my daughter learn in a way that works well for her.  We are thrilled to have her as our piano teacher!”

- Danielle



“Miss Megan started teaching my 9-year-old beginner in virtual lessons during the pandemic.  I was so pleased by her ability to engage and motivate that I ended up asking for lessons for my 11-year-old as well!  Over the past year and a half, Megan has continued to work with both of my daughters, both virtually and in-person. I love hearing their progress and am impressed at how individualized their lessons seem to be!  Miss Megan aims to understand the music that her students love, and her own love for (and knowledge of) music is apparent.”

- Sara



“Miss Megan has been the perfect piano instructor for our son.  Our main goal was to make piano something he enjoyed and Miss Megan made this happen!  He’s been working with her for several years and we couldn’t be happier.   She teaches him the fundamentals while allowing him to play music that is relevant.  Even through Covid we planned remote lessons which also went really well.

- Meaghan & Reid



“Miss Megan is amazing. She was our piano teacher for over 6 years. She is conscientious, proactive, and organized in her communication with parents and in being prepared for her lessons. She also works hard to adapt to different learning styles and interests to make lessons fun.  Miss Megan ensures students have a solid foundation in music theory, but she also has students explore diverse styles from classical to pop, jazz to improv.”

- Nina



“Miss Megan has been our son's piano teacher for 2.5 years.  He really enjoys taking lessons from Miss Megan and has learned a tremendous amount during that time.  I always appreciate how professional and enthusiastic Miss Megan is.  She communicates well with students and their parents and provides consistent feedback.”  


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